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ETP Challenge (ABN) and Recorded Webinar (CPE25)

Unit Code: CPE25
RRP: $99.00 (Free for ABN Members who participated in the ETP webinar)
How: Enter your Coupon Code from the confirmation email
TPB compliant CPE: Yes
CPE Hours: 2 CPE hours

Who: ABN Members who joined us for the Webinar on Employment Termination Payments on 25 November 2020.

Objective: The ETP Challenge, is a super quick skills assessment for bookkeeping professionals who want to check their skills and knowledge after participating in our webinar - Employment Termination Payments.

The ETP Challenge involves calculating an ETP and completing a multiple-choice Quiz with questions relevant to ETPs and redundancies. We are sure you will ace it, however, remember, any identified skills and knowledge gaps can be filled through CPE activities or formal programs.

On successful completion, you will have gained 2 hours CPE and be presented a Certificate of Achievement from My CPE.

Resources: Internet, computer, calculator, and your payroll prowess!

Duration: Suggested time commitment for the Webinar and Challenge is 120 minutes max.

Pass Mark: 85% pass mark overall

Attempts: Two (2)

Contact us: Please direct any queries you have to

Accreditation: Compliant CPE Details/Format: ETP Webinar and Challenge! Outcome/Learning: Confirming own competency level Type: Structured Evidence of Completi...: Certificate CPE Hours: 2

  • Webinar Employment Termination Payments (Access Recording)
  • Overview
  • ETP Challenge – Redundancy (sweet and simple)
  • Quiz (CPE25)
  • Bonus - ETP Resource
  • Feedback - How did we do?
Completion rules
  • You must complete the units "Quiz (CPE25), Feedback - How did we do?"
  • Leads to a certification with a duration: 1 year