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STP Phase 2 Webinar - The Disaggregation Effect (W-CPE06)

Title: STP Phase 2 Webinar - The Disaggregation Effect (Recorded Webinar)
Webinar Code: W-CPE06
CPE Hours: 1.5
Cost: $110.00, including GST

Objective: As a business owner or payroll professional, staying current with the latest information and guidelines is crucial to ensure compliance and accuracy for payroll reporting. This super informative webinar, presented by industry experts Cassandra Scott and Karren Gimbert, will help you navigate and master the challenges and complexities of the STP Phase 2 reporting framework.

What we cover:

- Intricacies of STP Phase 2
- The “Dataset” for STP Phase 2
- “Disaggregation” from Gross
- The NEW Paid family and domestic violence leave
- Other paid leave
- Allowances, including the tricky All Purpose Allowance
- Deductions
- Salary sacrifice
- Lump sum payments, including the NEW Lump Sum W
- Employment termination payments
- Issuing Income Statements and ETPs
- Common errors and challenges
- Resources.

Note: The webinar will be available from 30 June 2023 for 90 days.

Accreditation: TPB Compliant CPE Details/Format: Recorded Webinar Outcome/Learning: Master the challenges and complexities o... Type: Structured Evidence of Completi...: Certificate CPE Hours: 1.5

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